Where is the best place to install your microwave?

Where is the best place to install your microwave?

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Putting the microwave on the worktop makes us lose space, installing it on a small fridge is not necessarily very practical, but then, what is the solution so that the microwave finds its place in the kitchen ? Built-in or extra furniture and small sideboard provided for this purpose will be your allies to give it a functional but also decorative position. Make your choice in our shopping selection!

In a built-in cabinet

The most practical but also the most aesthetic solution to install your microwave is undoubtedly the built-in cabinet. Above the oven or in a space entirely reserved for it, the built-in microwave blends into the decor. If you want to avoid having to bend down or on the contrary to get on a stool to take out your reheated food, integrate the microwave into a tall column cabinet. In addition to being functional, this option allows you to save space on the work plan and it is especially much more decorative!

On an extra piece of furniture

In a small kitchen, we set our sights on an extra piece of furniture or on a very practical trolley on casters. We put the microwave on the top shelf and we slide all our kitchen accessories into the storage cupboards. To make it a real decorative piece of furniture, we choose it in a bright color like red or purple and especially in tones that adapt to the rest of the furniture.

In a buffet

The buffet can also be a good solution for storing your microwave, when it is provided for this purpose. Choose a model that offers enough space to install your own. A little extra for some: a small wooden curtain that allows you to hide it when you are not using it. Perfect, right? Our practical kitchen decoration videos