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A worthy heir to the Bauhaus movement, the Knoll brand laid the foundations for today's design for living. Its furniture with surprising lines, more than ever in tune with the times, accompanies us daily in the house as in the office. The Barcelona fireside chair, the Tulip chair and the Platner table, still in use, are now among the legendary pieces of furniture. Today we retrace the formidable journey of the Knoll couple, convinced that "the success of a product depends on quality design".

New York, New York

It was at the heart of "Big Apple", at the end of the 1930s, that Hans Knoll founded his first furniture brand on 72nd street. This young German immigrated to the United States, passionate about the Bauhaus movement, was trained in design and architecture in Switzerland and England. During the Second World War, Hans Knoll met and hired Florence Schust, a young interior decorator and designer. It was the start of a professional collaboration and above all a love story that lasted until Hans' death in 1955.

A meteoric rise

The Knoll couple will embark on the publishing and development of innovative furniture, responding to the principles of the Bauhaus (artistic movement between the two world wars, which will lay the foundations for what we will commonly call design). The keystone of the company's rise will rest on the creativity of the designers spotted and trained by Hans and Florence. Thanks to their multiple contacts in the world of design in Europe and America, Knoll products quickly take on an international dimension: they initiate the foundations of today's design. After the opening of a dedicated textile subsidiary, Knoll will move to Pennsylvania, where the brand's headquarters are still located.

Timeless furniture

Thanks to the different talents that Hans and Florence Knoll call upon, the Knoll catalog is rich and varied, in terms of lines as well as materials. All of them, on the other hand, take on this pledge of quality and high standards dear to the Knoll signature, from textile covering to wood and aluminum. Tired of not finding quality fabrics, Florence Knoll called on the fashion industry to design the upholstery for the brand's armchairs, armchairs and sofas: the fabrics and leathers are made and sewn with a perfect finish, everything by being sustainable. The Bertoia stool, the Risom chairs or the Spark armchair are today design legends, always published and distributed worldwide, thanks to the passion of a mythical couple in the history of interior decoration.