A decor inspired by the film "Hunger Games"

A decor inspired by the film "Hunger Games"

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The Hunger Games saga is first and foremost 3 books, signed Suzanne Collins, subsequently adapted for the cinema. The pitch? On the ruins of former North America, 12 districts were built, led with an iron fist by the Capitol, the capital of this nation now called Panem. Each year, the Capitol organizes Hunger Games: a real sanction against the rebellious population but also a strategy of intimidation on the part of the government. A major televised event followed by all of Panem and literally "Games of Hunger", the Hunger Games oblige each of the twelve districts to send a boy and a girl, "Tributes", to face each other until death. The sole survivor being declared the winner. The story traces the adventures of Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old girl who will show courage and daring to try to survive the Hunger Games. Despite the dramatic tension, a love story will bring hope to the population, and may cause the loss of the Capitol… But don't panic, we are not going to help you recreate the atmosphere of districts, no, no. Let’s study the quirky, flashy and baroque decor of the Capitol.

Contrast between the misery of the districts and the opulence of the Capitol

On the one hand, the people living in the districts survive as best they can. She barely earns enough to eat, dress and in terms of decoration, this is not a priority: it is the inhabitants who make their furniture, most often with wood found in the nearby forest. The districts therefore offer a rather spartan and bare decor. On the other, the Capitol personalities thrive in an excessive opulence where the motto seems to be: too much is not enough.

How to recreate the excess of the Capitol at home?

If you love everything that shines and hate going unnoticed, the Capitol decor should delight you! To recreate it at home, without falling into "too much" and bad taste, here are our tips. In a baroque spirit, favor original forms, bright colors and do not hesitate to mix styles: large table with ornate feet, armchair coach and patterned carpet ... But, be careful not to fall into overdose, to avoid all "faux pas decoration", we have selected beautiful baroque pieces. Now, it's your turn to play !