Editing tutorials: Séverine's tie and dye spoons

Editing tutorials: Séverine's tie and dye spoons

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Do It Yourself fever has contaminated the editorial staff! Today, it’s Séverine, our chef, who imagined a super simple tutorial: wooden utensils customized with food coloring! A trendy tie and dye effect + a very simple realization, what more could you ask for?


You will need: - food coloring - wooden kitchen utensils - sandpaper - a large glass of water


1. Lightly sand the handle of your utensils with sandpaper.
2. Fill a glass with a little water (the cat is optional :)).
3. Add a few drops of food coloring.
4. Dip the end of your spoon into the mixture.
5. A quarter of an hour later, add water to dilute the mixture. Increase the water level every quarter of an hour, the number of times you want depending on the desired effect. For a very regular effect, you can draw lines in advance with a pencil to know where to stop the different water levels.
6. Take your utensil out of the mixture and let it dry.


And There you go ! Original spoons that bring a touch of cheerfulness to the worktop! And since they are food coloring, there is no risk in using them for cooking.

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