What colors for a little girl's room that does not want pink?

What colors for a little girl's room that does not want pink?

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Often, the little girls' bedroom is a pretty shade of pink. However, it is possible to create a magical, feminine and adapted universe without adopting the traditional pink. This is why, today, we suggest that you bring other colors into your daughter's room. Discover our decor ideas and find the inspiration to best decorate your room without making it a princess castle.

Divert the blue

Just as pink is not just for girls, blue can be used outside of a boy's bedroom. Besides, in the past, blue was the color of girls, boys wore red. So why not invite blue in your daughter's room? Blue is a color of choice if you want to adopt a marine decor or a thousand and one nights. All shades of blue also go well with white furniture. The touch of femininity will then be brought thanks to the bed linen, the cushions, the x curtains and the light fixtures.
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Invite nature

Nature is a theme that enchants both a boy's room and a girl's room. It allows you to use green and red, and to combine them with colors or natural materials. For your little girl, know how to feminize the atmosphere by incorporating ladybugs, butterflies or even fairies. The Vertbaudet brand offers several atmospheres on this theme such as African Tales or Enchanted Garden. You will find a multitude of decorative objects such as lights or rugs to adopt.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde You can also choose a mountain atmosphere, inspired by the most beautiful Alpine chalets! It is then red, white and linen color that are to be preferred. In terms of decoration, we choose natural wood furniture, we invite the mushrooms in the form of a seat offered by Alinéa or in the form of a plush as proposed by Fnac Eveil et Jeux. The plaids, cushions and polar bears will bring warmth and comfort.
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Black, white and gray

The big decorative trends of the moment invite themselves in your little girl's room, like black and white. To feminize everything, we opt for furniture where the curve is queen. And to give a touch of pep to the room, we dare gold or silver on the bed linen or on the curtains. Gray is also a trendy color that invites itself perfectly in your little girl's room. Just like blue, the gray color goes perfectly with white furniture. It allows you to bring in a little fantasy like polka dots, stripes, geometric shapes, etc. Because there are several shades of gray, you can play with the nuances and why not with the materials. Finally, gray has a major advantage: it is timeless. So when your daughter grows, you will only have the decor to evolve.

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