Practical and aesthetic: a bench in my hall!

Practical and aesthetic: a bench in my hall!

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The entry bench, a practical and design piece of furniture

The entry bench is truly a two-in-one piece of furniture: in addition to setting the scene as soon as you have crossed the threshold of your house, it becomes a precious piece to sit on when putting on and taking off your shoes, or preparing the little ones tips for going out. Becoming more and more popular in the vestibules, the entry bench is now available in many different models and styles to become a decorative piece of furniture in its own right.

In wood, metal, fabric, velvet, mini version or on the contrary console-style entry bench on which you can also place a small plant and a storage compartment, this piece of furniture can really add extra soul and stamp at your entrance. Especially if you place it between a large plant and a nice lamppost in soft light: ideal to enhance any entrance hall!

A simple slatted entry bench

If you are looking for a efficient entry bench and practical, the slatted entry bench is the ideal model that does perfectly what it is asked, namely to allow you to sit when you enter your hallway. If it has a shelf, it will also offer you the possibility of storing your shoes on it; but these will be available to everyone's knowledge!

Entrance bench with lockers

Convenient for slipping shoes for the whole family, the bench with storage lockers is ideal in an entry. Colorful or sober, he knows how to play the decorative card when the shoes are tidy, but can quickly become a tote without organization; which, in addition to being moderately practical for a storage unit, will be very unattractive if the lockers are made of a transparent material!
If you prefer a bench that does not display the objects that are stored there, choose a model that replaces the large open boxes with pretty, very elegant storage baskets.

A chest-style entry bench

A furniture in the entrance the chest can also take the role of a very useful entry bench, especially if you choose it with a quilted top or you place pretty cushions to make the seat more pleasant.
Its little more compared to the bench with lockers: its door hides all the bazaar that you can store there! Some models even offer you the function shoe storage when open.

On the other hand, the entry bench in safe mode can be more difficult to handle and open for the youngest…

Entrance bench with shelves

Last option to optimize your entrance with a bench, the seat mixed with shelves, as decorative as it is practical. Some models are even Multi-storage : in addition to having shelves and / or drawers, they have an umbrella storage space on the side of the furniture; it couldn't be more practical to end the soaked umbrella that floods the entrance to the house.

In metal in an interior with an industrial look or in bamboo to harmonize with a natural style, there are a multitude to adapt to all desires: it's up to you!