Take your interior on a journey with an ethnic decor

Take your interior on a journey with an ethnic decor

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Among the trends in the spotlight, ethnic decor is one of the big winners, winning unanimous support. It brings a breath of poetry to our interiors and charms us with its warm colors. If the ethnic trend already in vogue a few years ago, seemed a little too garish, it is now much more temperate and its bohemian side brings it a touch of refinement.

The decor trend is to escape

Ideal in an interior that is more cocoon than ever, the ethnic decor evokes distant horizons. It gives pride of place to objects found during journeys to the end of the world, from the Oriental carpet to the Indian chest, from the African statuette to the lantern from Asia. The materials, too, are reminiscent of other countries: terracotta, raffia, ironwork, teak, bamboo and wicker just like fabrics from elsewhere. Music is just as much a witness to the cultural heritage of each country. The must is to offer a collection of ethnic musical instruments to vibrate under the bewitching sounds of a Drum Queen mother of the Asantes - Ghanaian ethnic group - a Damaru of Nepal, Tibetan cymbals, a flute of pan, a sitar from India or a djembe from Mali with a wide sound spectrum.

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An anti gloomy decor

The least we can say is that - lulled by its distant echoes - the ethnic decor leaves no room for greyness, releasing positive energies. The interior is friendly, warm, putting the world's cultural heritage in the spotlight. Each room is adorned with flamboyant colors. Purple rubs shoulders with red, yellow and orange. The notes of your blue bring elegance. Colorful bed throws, variegated cushions inlaid with pearls, sequins or gold threads, patterned or sculpted furniture enchant everyday life.

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Tableware is no exception to the trend. The ethnic style also wins the dishes for moments of gaiety to share. We opt for fully decorated African ceramic dishes that come in all shapes and are sometimes decorated with bronze, a Chinese tea service with incomparable delicacy, mugs decorated with adorable margouillats. Let yourself be carried away by the charm of an exotic-inspired plate service. An ethnic table decoration complemented by a few terracotta candlesticks painted with Savannah patterns that evoke nature and the great outdoors.

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Ethnic chic decor

Each universe is built according to the favorites. The ethnic chic decor also calls for crossbreeding. Cultures intertwine, influences and styles collide, oppose or come together in a whirlwind of evocations: objects tell the story of distant peoples and bear witness to ancestral know-how. From the living room to the bedroom, natural materials make their show, from wild silk to wool. An Indian wooden panel on a wall, a Moroccan lamp placed on a Chinese table, a Tibetan cabinet on an Oriental rug, are all elements that bring great sophistication to the home. In the bedroom, the bamboo bed surmounted by a canopy is veiled in fruity tones to dim the light in a greedy way. Finally, we can create an alcove to inevitably recall a traditional Moroccan Riad.

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