Green cleaning: white clay stone

Green cleaning: white clay stone

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To clean the house while respecting the environment and the health of the inhabitants, natural elements are not lacking provided you know how to use them. Also, we suggest you discover how to clean the house with white clay stone.

Clean surfaces

Clay stone is a very good multi-purpose cleaner that will allow you to avoid accumulating chemical household products in favor of a single product. Note that it is mainly used on hard surfaces which can be washed with water with the particularity of not scratching them. It can thus be used on stainless steel, glass ceramic, earthenware, plastic, linoleum, marble, aluminum, tiles, or metals to clean them. To do this, simply wipe a damp sponge on the stone and apply it to the surface. Note that some stones incorporate lemon essential oil which allows to leave a fresh and natural smell in the house.

Renovate a surface

The white clay stone will also allow you to recover a damaged surface. For example, it will degrease your ceramic hobs or the oven effortlessly using a damp sponge. Its abrasive action will allow you to very lightly polish the surfaces in order to eliminate imperfections without scratching the material. Finally, the clay stone will allow you to shine your metal surfaces for example by simply applying a soft cloth after cleaning with the stone. Lots of household products to win with Laco by clicking here Descale a dishwasher Our practical cooking videos