What are the regulations in terms of house extension?

What are the regulations in terms of house extension?

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Answer: the regulations changed in 2012.

Since March 1, 2012, it is possible to carry out an extension of less than 40 m² of your house by making a prior declaration of work, without requesting a building permit (decree n ° 2011-2054 of 29/12/2011). Be careful however, this does not mean that everything is allowed. First, your land must be located in a sector subject to an urban planning document (Land use plan, Local urban plan, etc.), which is not particularly the case for all municipalities rural… In addition, even if your zone is covered by such a document, your land must be classified in "zone U" (urban zone). In addition, the total construction area after extension should not exceed 170 m². Finally, remember that this is an extension: a building built on your land but not attached to your home (garden shed, garage, etc.) is not affected by these new measures.