A decor inspired by the "New Girl" series

A decor inspired by the "New Girl" series

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New Girl is the story of Jess, a crazy and awkward young teacher who, dumped by her boyfriend, becomes the 4th roommate of a loft already occupied by 3 best friends: Schmidt, Nick and Winston. The cohabitation promises to be eventful ... Between alcohol games and dinners with friends where everything never ends as expected, most of the intrigue takes place in the loft occupied by the happy band, and especially in the large living room overlooking an open kitchen. So, we decided to recreate, for you, fans already conquered or future addicts of the series, the atmosphere of the decor of New Girl.

A recovered and industrial spirit

Coloc 'obliges, the apartment shared by Jess, Schmidt, Nick and Winston is spacious and very well appointed. This LA loft has four bedrooms, a cloakroom-style bathroom, a large kitchen open to the living room and an entrance for storing bikes, balls, helmets and other roller skates (yes, Jess also knows take risks !). Jess' bedroom aside, much more colorful and decorated, the interior is rather masculine. Between concrete, exposed bricks and wooden beams, the architecture recalls that of old workshops. The decor is very eclectic, as if each roommate had brought their own room. The whole is nevertheless no less harmonious.

How to furnish your living room à la New Girl?

An essential element of the living room decor: a large aging leather sofa to accommodate our four roommates, and much more! Decorated with a small wooden coffee table, a leather armchair with footrest that Nick particularly likes. Most " ? Shelves and bookcases to tidy up the ambient bazaar and make room. You now have all the cards in hand to recreate, at home, a decor worthy of New Girl. Our practical dining room decoration videos