Canopies to ventilate the space

Canopies to ventilate the space

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Redefine interior space

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Today, we no longer partition the rooms of the house: we invest the space differently so that it is more fluid, brighter and visually larger. The most ordinary dwelling can thus be transformed into a loft or take on the appearance of an artist's studio thanks to the interior glass roof. Timeless, it captures the slightest ray of sunshine and becomes an object of decoration. Undeniably a charming asset, it integrates very simply into all styles, from rustic to ultra design, and becomes an accomplice of green spaces. Thanks to the glass roof, the hitherto open kitchen allows for a bit of privacy without excluding itself from the living space. As for the parental suite, it becomes unique thanks to the glass separation between the bedroom and the bathroom. We opt in this case for an opaque glazing, letting the light pass while prohibiting the clear view to preserve the privacy of each.

Improve layout

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A poorly arranged interior space can be completely transformed thanks to a glass roof which saves many square meters. We can therefore install an office or a fully glazed mezzanine bedroom in an old garage converted into a loft for example, and enjoy a high ceiling. The canopy is indeed particularly recommended to use the smallest lost space to which it provides natural lighting. It adds an aesthetic touch to the interior decoration. With fixed or sliding walls, in opaque glass or not depending on the desired effect, equipped with colored shutters or a blind, the canopy allows breathtaking scenes and enhances the smallest space. It is also a good sound insulator.

Too many opposite? Opt for the roof canopy

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The roof canopy is the ideal solution to avoid the disadvantages of the vis-à-vis. It also allows you to enjoy overhead lighting without shade and a full sky view. It can be installed in a room under the eaves, as long as the roof has a slope of at least five degrees. Available in many colors, lacquered aluminum, wood or steel, it blends perfectly with the interior decor. The roof canopy is available with several types of glazing: tempered glass, polycarbonate, fiberglass and polyester glazing. It can even be made up of photovoltaic cells to play the green card. Of course, in order not to suffer from the summer heat, it suffices to install a motorized blind that opens or closes alone according to the intensity of the sun thanks to a small detector. The must.