What is a toilet with controlled organic litter?

What is a toilet with controlled organic litter?

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Answer: toilets for making compost.

Biomontrolled litter toilets - better known as "dry toilets" - are based on the following principle: mixing organic waste (urine and faeces) with other plant waste (dried leaves and herbs, shavings and sawdust, straw ...). After several months of fermentation, this mixture becomes a compost which can be directly used in a garden for example. The great advantage of this system is to eliminate the discharge of polluted water into sewerage networks and, consequently, to greatly reduce the consumption of water in your home: a flush representing approximately 12 liters, do the math yourself ... Its promoters also ensure that, when properly controlled, this system provides the same level of comfort as conventional toilets, with no additional bad smells. video id = "0" / Our practical toilet decoration videos