In drawing: recycle your cans in pretty spring candle jars

In drawing: recycle your cans in pretty spring candle jars

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With spring, the long evenings on the terrace are back… So for these sweet moments of the evening to be perfectly successful, think of decorating them with small dim lights that go well, for a cocooning atmosphere with friends or lovers… Here is a small special tutorial for recycling, which will allow you to recycle your tins in seasonal candle jars. Simple to carry out, you will need only a few things to get started in this nice project. However, you will need a refrigerator near you. Sweetness guaranteed around the garden table! For this workshop, you will need: - empty, washed and dried tins, - an indelible marker, - a refrigerator, - a hammer and a nail, - "special metal" spray paint, - paint in acrylic type tube and a brush (optional), - varnish-glue (optional), - glitter (optional), - wire (optional).


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