Which mixer for my bathtub?

Which mixer for my bathtub?

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The new trendy bathtub mixers are real decorative elements. They bring real value to the bathroom to which they add an extremely refined final touch. Thanks to genius designers and designers, the smallest bathroom can have all the advantages of a well-being space as long as it is fitted with an innovative, ergonomic and practical mixer tap. In short, there is now an intelligent mixer for the bathtub.

The mixer: aesthetic element

The bathtub mixer is an essential element. It is practical and comes in different styles in order to harmonize elegantly with the decor of the bathroom. Today, we find classic, designer, original, sometimes refined, sometimes refined mixers. Everyone can find the model to their liking. And now there is no longer a need to choose between aesthetics and comfort. Harmoniously shaped, the mixer for the bathtub is easier to clean than the taps of yesteryear which had many angles where limestone liked to settle. Today's bath mixers are all at once: beautiful, practical and ecological. They bring a real advantage compared to the mixer equipped with handles and with which the desired temperature of the water is often the fruit of long trial and error.

The mixer with double stop to avoid waste

To save water, you can opt for a double-lever mixer whose role is to achieve the water flow only necessary, without surplus. Some models are equipped with an infrared cell which cuts the water after one minute of flow. A bathroom faucet item to offer if children tend to bask or play a little too long in the bathtub, all valves open. In the same vein, the eco-stop mixer is still relevant. It stops the flow of water while retaining its initial temperature. A system that has also proven to be economical and has proven itself.

A thermostatic mixer: absolute comfort

To make bath time a real moment of relaxation, the thermostatic mixer is the essential faucet accessory. Equipped with a water temperature control handle, it avoids unpleasant surprises. Thanks to it, when the tap is opened, the water is at the desired temperature. Particularly recommended for bathing toddlers, the thermostatic mixer avoids the risk of burns. It is fitted with a safety device which does not allow the temperature of the water to be set above 38 ° C. Bathtub mixers are easy to use with one hand. They allow to obtain a precise water flow, to keep an extremely stable water temperature and corresponding to the preferences of each. They also have another advantage: they do not have a seal. Our practical bathroom decoration videos