Before / After: Makeover of a long living room

Before / After: Makeover of a long living room

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The decoration of this Nantes house was somewhat dated. To refresh it, the owners of this Nantes house called on the Kiosque Déco decoration firm. Objective: rearrange the different spaces (meal, living room, entry, storage) and transform the decoration of the room.

The arrangement

Before: The dining room obstructs the passage to the garden and the massive living room narrows the room. The furniture is no longer up to date and takes up too much space in relation to the dimensions of the room.
After: The living room and dining room have been reversed. The furniture has been changed for a more contemporary atmosphere and dimensions more suited to the room. In order to give a warm side to the room, the tiled floor has been entirely covered with laminated parquet in bleached oak. In the living room, a carpet has been added.

The entrance

Before: The entrance gives directly into the living room
After: In order to visually separate the entrance from the dining room but without dividing it completely, we installed a moucharabieh, a sort of openwork panel that is often found in the Orient and which acts as a fencing. It was made to measure by a craftsman and then painted in the same blue as the lower part of the living room. The entrance and the corridor have also been completely repainted, in light gray so as not to overload the decoration.

The dining area

Before: A narrow room where it is not easy to move. The very massive furniture weighs down the space.
After: The room seems larger and circulation is facilitated there. The bottom of the wall has been repainted in storm blue, which gives character to the room and structures the volumes, while the light gray of the upper part soothes and softens. The thin peach-colored strip painted above the sofa highlights it and brightens the atmosphere. This peach color is recalled in some places by small touches.

The TV corner

Before: The overly large buffet eats the entire room and blocks traffic.
After: The stove fits perfectly into the room thanks to the storm blue band that frames the wall. The tv stand was made to measure by a designer from Nantes (Atelier Barbatruc). In order to respect the budget, custom-made designer furniture is mixed with furniture from major decoration brands.

The stairs and storage

Before: the volume under the stairs is not optimized. The varnished wood of the staircase is very present and the color a little dated.
After: storage, made to measure by a carpenter, which follows the slope of the staircase. They were installed by slightly separating them from each other, so as not to shrink the volume of the room as is often the case when installing a complete storage block under the stairs. Painted in the same color as the wall, the furniture thus blends into the decor. The staircase was also sanded and painted in the same gray tone to make it less visually present.