An unusual power strip

An unusual power strip

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There is no shortage of ideas to add an original touch to interior decoration. Among them, the unusual power strip has more than one trick in its bag: sometimes humorous, sometimes tender, it is the design object to be introduced without delay in all the rooms of the house, from the living room to the child's bedroom. The designers have indeed worked on the subject and have achieved a tour de force by transforming this electrical box, to say the least, into a decorative accessory in its own right.

The hideous power strip transformed into a decorative object

At a time when design is taking hold in our interiors, the power strip takes a few liberties to better stick to the trend while proving to be more functional than ever. Like the little pig-strip, entirely pink, up to its corkscrew thread, it is clear that inspiration is not lacking in the creators of gadgets. Thanks to their creativity and common sense, we now have an array of electrical or USB power strips, each more crisp than the next.

New multiple sockets are no longer hiding

You will no doubt love the USB socket in the shape of a pink marshmallow sow suckling a litter of cute piglets: a funny object to put at the office if you don't take yourself too seriously. Unless you prefer the unusual, poetic and feminine power strip, formed by a mini white flower box with four red tulips in bloom, each of which accommodates a USB socket. Delightful and touching, Woofy is a little dog with multiple sockets and pristine white cable trays. Indispensable in the games room, the little room and the kitchen, it will also bring the unusual and trendy note to the living room whatever its style. Finally, just as practical and original, the Powercube-power strip and the Rubik's Cube USB are urgently available. Our practical DIY videos