Why fall for the Scandinavian shelves

Why fall for the Scandinavian shelves

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A sober and refined design

Born in the 1930s, design Scandinavian belongs to modernism, a movement marked by functionalism and the simplification of forms. It is also characterized by the democratization of prices and the use of so-called hot and noble materials.

The goal of Scandinavian design is to improve daily life and many designers have therefore focused on the home: furniture, lighting, textiles, tableware ... The precursors of this trend have provided the model and the values ​​on which the new Scandinavian design continues to rely today: durability, functionality, reliability but also less technical values ​​such as simplicity, equality, daring or even joy. We find in the creations of this movement, which makes the quality of life and the openness of the countries of the North.

Not ostentatious and often colorful, Scandinavian design products have no problem fitting into any decor. With a little touch in a living room or in an all-over in a bedroom, style is there.

There are different types of Scandinavian shelves, which will delight all lovers of design. Whether you are looking for small extra storage or want to create lots of storage for a kitchen or living room, there is bound to be a scandinavian shelf for you !

Discreet Scandinavian shelves

The Scandinavian decoration is quite refined. If you don't want to have towering shelves in your bedroom or living room, it's perfect! Opt for white melamine boards, which are simply attached to the wall with brackets of the same color. The shelf thus blends into the wall, and highlights the objects that you will place on it.

Very easy to install, you can mix the sizes and locations of these Scandinavian shelves. If you want to make them real decorative elements, do not hesitate to replace the white metal brackets with more original, colored or leather models.

Scandinavian shelves as a decorative object in a child's room

This is an idea to keep in mind for a child's room. Some scandinavian shelves play more a role of decoration object than storage. This is particularly the case for octagonal shelves

They are generally made of light wood, and the bottom of the shelf is colored in a color typical of Scandinavian decoration: gray, powder pink, mint green, pale yellow ... Or else printed with patterns or a message.

You can install these shelves like a niche on the wall, and store an element of decoration that you want to highlight in the bedroom. It can be a plush, a trinket, etc. You can also put them on a desk or chest of drawers, without having to pierce the wall.

This type of Scandinavian shelf is also available in house or round. For these models, it is recommended to hang them on the wall. You can mix different types of scandinavian shelves with posters and mirrors to create a decorated wall above a bed or a desk.

The String shelf, for design lovers

The String shelving system was born in Sweden in 1949. It is the result of research by the architect Nils Strinning and was designed from a strictly economic and practical point of view to equip the majority of Swedish homes.

String shelves are recognizable among a thousand. They are made up of two steel uprights on which wooden shelves are attached. Unmatched sobriety, these shelves are modular and meet your needs, as well as your space constraints.

Customizable, you can install them in any room of the house. Above a desk to create additional space. In a kitchen for storing dishes, provisions or even some kitchen utensils. In a bedroom, they can replace a bedside table.

Often imitated but never equaled, these scandinavian shelves allow you to bring a design touch to your interior.