I discover the decopatch technique

I discover the decopatch technique

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The decopatch technique is a direct derivative of the decoupage technique. Like this one, it is above all an art of customization because thanks to a special paper dedicated to this discipline, you will be able to decorate all kinds of objects, from the smallest to the largest!

What is the difference with decoupage?

The technique is certainly the same: you "coat" your support by sticking patterns with varnish-glue. To do this, you do not use napkins as for the decoupage but decopatch paper. It is a special paper whose flexibility and resistance allow easy application and adhesion on any support, even the most quirky! In napkin, very often, we only use the patterns of the napkins that we cut to apply them on the support, and the operation is more or less delicate because the napkins are very fragile. In decopatch, the paper is so resistant that you can use the whole sheet to adhere it to the support, even if it does not have a homogeneous surface. This is why it is easier to decorate larger objects and even give a whole new look to a piece of furniture!

What to start with?

Your support to be decorated must be very clean, sanded if necessary, cleaned and very dry. You will then need a varnish-glue, decopatch papers with the patterns and colors that you like and a flat brush to apply the varnish-glue and make the paper adhere to the support.

And technical level?

Several choices are available to you depending on the support you want to customize. If your support is bulky and have fairly straight and regular surfaces, you can almost fix whole sheets of decopatch paper at once. If on the contrary, your object is quirky and irregular enough, you can cut by hand small pieces of paper and make them adhere to the support by making them overlap with each other. You can also do as for the decoupage, that is to say apply only a pattern cut from your paper on a painted support. As for the application, the method is the same as with towel setting, first coat the support with varnish-glue, place its piece of paper and make it adhere by ironing on it with the flat brush and remove the air bubbles… and we start again until completely covering the support! Our practical creative leisure videos