I discover the technique of hand sewing

I discover the technique of hand sewing

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If you want to try your hand at sewing, know two important things: first, a sewing machine is not essential to do pretty things especially when you start, and second, to start sewing by hand, felt and felt are your best allies.

Start sewing with felt

Indeed, felt is the ideal material for beginners in sewing, to design at first cuddly toys and small toys, key rings, bag jewelry and then, with more practice, handbags of all kinds, baby shoes, card holders and even hats… In short, we can really create a multitude of pretty things with this material: it is flexible and easy to sew, it does not fray, you do 'will only have to assemble the various elements together, without worrying about the hems and other techniques necessary for the work of the actu: 739845 classic fabric. In addition, it is resistant and has good hold. Felt, on the other hand, is synthetic, unlike felt made from wool. It will be less resistant to use but remains quite interesting for making small decorative objects. The other very practical aspect of the felt is that you will generally only need 2 sewing stitches to learn to assemble your pieces: the classic straight stitch, and the most used in sewing felt, the pretty stitch of embroidery, named actu: 737323 point de grébiche Your learning of stitches will therefore be neither long nor tedious, and the results will be quick!

What equipment to start?

To start, you will need felt or felt coupons in which you will cut your shapes, a pair of scissors, an embroidery needle, cotton threads of various colors and possibly padding wadding (depending on the object you perform).

Some tips to make getting started easier

Practice at the news: 737323 point de grébiche before you embark on a real project, the stitches in felt stitching are very visible and are an integral part of the decoration of the object, they must therefore be perfect! Choose your material, felt or felt well and its thickness according to the object you want to make: a handbag must for example be resistant and have a good hold, the felt will therefore be better than the felt and must be at least 3mm thick! Start with simple achievements explained through tutorials: copying is, at the start, the best learning you can have. There are also ready-made felt kits to discover and familiarize yourself with this technique. When you are comfortable, you can easily create your own templates and objects!