What are the different types of stairs?

What are the different types of stairs?

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Are you building, fitting out or renovating your home? With a two-story dwelling, a staircase will be essential! Well thought out, this equipment, as useful as it is aesthetic, lends itself to all fantasies, adapts to all requirements of volumes, surfaces, layout of rooms and styles. There are mainly three main families of staircases, offering many variants that can adapt to all room configurations. Let go of your creativity and watch your step! Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a staircase installation

The straight, simple and classic staircase

Traditional, the straight staircase with rectangular steps is formed of a single flight (set of steps between two landings), a single axis and angle. Simple in design, it provides access to the upper floor in a straight direction. Easy to design, it is based on the principle of a ladder. You will only opt for this type of staircase with a large setback if you have enough space to avoid a steep and tiring climb and a dangerous descent. You will have the choice of materials, wood, concrete, glass, stone or steel, with or without risers. So many possibilities that will allow you to harmonize your straight staircase with the style of your room and optimize it by creating, for example, a storage space under the steps. In invoice and simple installation, it is also the least expensive of the stairs.

The spiral staircase or balanced staircase

You will like the spiral staircase for its practical and functional side. It is distinguished by one or two right angles offering various possibilities such as the 1/4 turn model (with a single angle), 1/2 turn (with the two parallel flights connected or not by a landing) or 2/4 turn (with two angles). This elegant and sober form of staircase, which can use all types of materials, is ideal for small spaces.

The spiral staircase

Better known as a spiral staircase, this light staircase, organized around a central axis and narrow, is distinguished by its original side due to its many rounded angles and its ability to integrate into many architectural styles. . It does not require lateral support and makes it possible to optimize the space by finding its place in any place of the habitat. Discreet, it is perfect for furnishing small spaces. You will be able to design it to measure, depending on the layout of your room, in wood or metal coupled with other materials such as glass, stainless steel or plexiglass. Among the spiral staircases, you will find other variants such as the suspended staircase or the staircase with a single central stringer on which the steps are posed.