In design: fabric flowers as little fashion accessories

In design: fabric flowers as little fashion accessories

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Here is a little DIY completely in season, since we, the girls, as soon as the sun is back, we want to be beautiful (more than usual, what!). I therefore offer you a very simple tutorial which will allow you to make pretty fabric flowers, which you can then use in small very spring fashion accessories. Personally, I mounted these flowers on small bars but you could just as easily sew them on a bag or hat, use them as a key ring or grigri, or even make several to mount them as a necklace, why not? It's up to you to please yourself by imagining what you want to do with it! In any case, it is a creation within everyone's reach and rather quick to make, and the rendering is really neat. To make this flower in news: 739845 fabric, you will need: - a rectangle of news: 739845 fabric about 10 x 20 cm (in reality, it will depend on the diameter you want to give your flower!), - a cup , a glass or a jar as a template, - a pencil that marks the news: 739845 fabric, - a pair of pinking scissors, - sewing thread and a needle (or even better, a sewing machine!), - a little wadding, - cotton thread and a large needle, - a button or a piece of slightly thick felt.


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