How to strip an electric wire?

How to strip an electric wire?

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Answer: use the right tools.

To install a ceiling light or to repair a cut wire, it is sometimes necessary to strip the electrical wires. This consists in removing the plastic protection which covers the metal wires, without cutting them. With a little care and the right tools, it's easy to do this. If you have a wire stripper, you just need to insert the wire into the wire, adjust the height of the wire according to the diameter of the wire and pull the sheath by sliding it. The most equipped may have in their toolbox a lug pliers on which the diameter of the wires is already indicated. All you have to do is slide your wire in. For those who do not wish to invest in a specific tool, there is the cutter. For single wires, you should incise circularly around the wire and not too deep. For double threads, the cut is made lengthwise. You still have to clear the copper wires. A method within everyone's id = "0" / Our practical nursery decor videos