Laurette, the retro style of the little ones

Laurette, the retro style of the little ones

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The child's universe has its vintage furniture, imbued with softness, elegance and available in a palette of delicious colors. These high-end creations are the signature of a generous and talented woman who knows how to bring the right balance between retro and design to her collections. For almost ten years, Laure has been creating, surprising, seducing, and putting her know-how and the nostalgia of her childhood at the service of her children's furniture and accessories. Laurette furniture is today the symbol of retro decor for children.

Birth of a brand

It was in 2004 that Laure Bailleux opened a creative workshop entirely dedicated to children's furniture. In love with beautiful things and soft lines, Laure was able to prove the extent of her taste for interior decoration from her adolescence by giving free rein to her creativity. So barely 15 years old, she practices her art, alone, in her room which she completely renovates. This sensitive girl already loves the old and claims it loud and clear. Once an adult and a fulfilled mother, she wishes to offer the little ones the opportunity to evolve in the same atmosphere as that which rocked her own childhood. But her furniture doesn't just look beautiful: it also has to be ingenious and therefore scalable to meet daily needs.

Photo credits: Laurette Five years later, it was at Salon Maison & Objet that the first Laurette collection was presented. The designer is quick to seduce professionals as well as consumers who experience this encounter like love at first sight, captivated by the originality of high-end Laurette furniture for children and the undeniable expertise of the designer. David, her husband, then joined the Laurette company: we are in 2009.
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The charm of yesteryear in the child's room

We like the Laurette brand for the intelligence with which it accessorizes the world of childhood. Each element is designed with respect for a flawless course of action. Inspired by furniture of yesteryear, the designer wishes to highlight the handwork of passionate artisans with whom she surrounds herself. Each item is designed with the utmost rigor, ensuring longevity and reliability to any test. Laurette furniture therefore accompanies children over the years and for a long time, able to adapt to growing needs. For example, the Laurette changing table is transformed into a retro design buffet while the small bench seat was none other than the cot for the first months ... This ingenuity symbolizes great respect for the environment because Laurette creations are designed to last in time without ever appearing obsolete or useless. Thus, each piece of furniture and each accessory takes an intimate part in the unfolding of a life story, from the earliest childhood, and is intended to continue the writing of that of the following generations.
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The Laurette collections, storytellers

Laure Bailleux creates furniture as well as accessories, bed linen, decorative items and toys. Everything is just enchantment, out of a world of dreams and sweetness. From the bedside to the secrets to the surprise buffet, from the millefeuille column to the heart-catcher barrier, poetry is everywhere. The bed linen sets welcome enchanting patterns, peas with birds on a thread, and the cushion covers play the romantic card. For toddlers, sleeping bags - from 0 to 24 months - are real cocoons and we find this infinite softness in winter blankets in ultra trendy colors. Mobiles and comforters complete the range for cuddly and reassuring sleeps. But the Laurette brand is also the mini school bag for the first back-to-school period. As for the Baby trailer, it is still the emblematic creation of the Laurette label today, for its absolute quality and its vintage style with incomparable care.
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