Sewing video: ask a bias

Sewing video: ask a bias

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Are you looking for a nice finish for one of your confections? Do you want to learn how to update 737369 on a garment with an angle? Jeanne Kolifrat, creator and trainer at Piquécoud, explains the procedure to follow for news: 737369 ask a bias on a news: 739845 fabric with an angle.

Watch the video :

Prepare the installation of the bias

The bias is placed right side to side and edge to edge on the news: 739845 fabric which we want to achieve the finish. Before starting to sew, pin the bias on the actu: 739845 fabric by fixing the pins on the first fold. When you reach the angle of the actu: 739845 fabric, measure the height of a fold in your bias, and transfer it to the first fold, measuring from the edge of actu: 739845 fabric towards which you are working. Mark a point in pencil on the first fold, then cut the height of the bias at a right angle to this point. Then fold your bias perpendicularly, and continue to pin.

Sew the bias

When you have finished pinning, pass the item through the sewing machine. Sew on the first fold, removing the pins as you go. Once at the cut corner, leave the needle in the news: 739845 fabric, lift the foot, turn your work, reposition the bias then lower the foot and continue sewing. Before folding the bias, first cut the seam allowance by a few millimeters. Trim the angle. Fold the bias on the wrong side, then pin in the groove on the right side, respecting 1 mm margin on the wrong side. Pin with the pin head towards you, so you can easily remove it when sewing. Sew in the groove and not on the bias, to obtain an invisible seam. Thanks to the advice of Jeanne Kolifrat, you can make pretty finishes for sleeves, bags, necklines or pockets. Watch the Couture video: news: 737369 ask a bias on Produced by Minute Facile.