Video: customize a cushion in an industrial style

Video: customize a cushion in an industrial style

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Diane Lallement, specialist in textile painting, offers you to customize a cushion cover in an industrial style. This original creation will go well with your entire interior.

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Cushion customization: prepare the cover

Choose a round cushion cover so that it fits everywhere in your home, and prepare it for painting. For this, place a sheet of sandpaper inside to keep the news: 739845 fabric, then trace, using a pencil and a ruler, the lines that will serve as support for your text, so that the latter is straight. Prefer the pencil, which leaves very well using an eraser or after a first machine wash. It only remains to paint your text.

Cushion customization: textile painting

Once your cover is prepared, place an industrial style letter stencil on your news: 739845 fabric. Take a dry poaching brush and dip it directly into your textile paint bucket. Do not use too much paint, this will prevent overflows and stains. To do this, remove the excess paint before each brush stroke. Then tap your letter vertically on the actu: 739845 fabric, then remove the stencil. The latter is clean inside, so you can move on to your other letters. Once your painting is finished, it must be fixed. Wait 3 to 5 minutes, then place parchment paper on the actu: 739845 cloth before using an iron without steam at "linen" temperature. Thanks to Diane Lallement for her original cushions! Watch the video Customize an industrial style cushion on Produced by Minute Facile.


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