Landscape advice: a contemporary garden

Landscape advice: a contemporary garden

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Each year, furniture designers and publishers outdoor compete for ideas to offer garden accessories with clean lines, quirky materials and bright colors. If you are a fan of contemporary design and architecture, take advantage of this strong trend in exterior design to create a modern and colorful garden, which will go perfectly with a recent style house.

How to arrange a contemporary garden?

First imperative: bet on a strong color that will structure the space and energize the garden. Here, the raspberry pink pots echo a section of wall painted in the same shade. Then, favor materials such as metal, resin or slate. A terrace in whitewashed wooden slats will bring light and an interesting contrast effect. Cotemobilier, treat yourself by offering you some beautiful designer pieces and some original accessories. Replace the traditional garden furniture with a coffee table surrounded by beanbags and dare the XXL pots that shake up the codes of grandmother's garden. There are also many garden lights with geometric shapes, such as these luminous spheres which make you want to continue enjoying the garden after dark. Finally, prefer plants with graphic leaves, such as pink and green phormiums in pots and bamboo in hedges. A bay laurel in a variegated sauce cut into cubes and cleared at the level of the trunks will also have a geometric aspect perfectly suited to this style of garden.

The gardener's advice

The Japanese "cloud trees", with extremely graphic lines, bring a lot of personality to a contemporary garden. You can get started with pruning niwaki on a small potted conifer, following the advice of numerous books on the subject.

The accessories

XXL resin pots White, green, black, white or pink, the large resin pots instantly awaken the style of a garden!
The coffee table and the poufs A rot-proof wooden coffee table, beanbags or cushions outdoor and voila !
The luminous spheres Combine several spheres of different sizes, and above all favor white lighting and avoid mixing colors!


Phormiums (in small pots), cloud cut Japanese pines and trimmed boxwood (in large pots), dwarf and giant bamboo, Japanese rose bush Rosa rugosa , cut cedar yew hedge


The contemporary style is accessible to all, provided you find the furniture and accessories at the best price. Do not hesitate to recycle, exchange your cuttings, repaint your old furniture to save some money, which you will invest in a beautiful table or a beautiful garden light. All our Doctor Plants videos