What are the different terrace roof supports?

What are the different terrace roof supports?

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Answer: depending on the structure of the house and tastes, the terraced roof can be made of concrete, sheet steel or wood.

Flat roofs can rest on different types of support, and not on a frame, as for pitched roofs. The slab on which the terrace takes place can be made of concrete and composite material. Concrete is poured on the ground (with a steel frame), or assembled on site using several blocks. This solution turns out to be unsuitable for certain houses because the weight of this terrace is important. The support for the flat roof can also be made of sheet steel, even if a reinforced concrete slab must be associated. Sheet steel is a perfect choice when the house has a metal frame. Finally, houses with a wooden or masonry structure can accommodate a wooden deck support (or wood derivatives). This solid wood solution must be treated to withstand bad weather. Particle board must be waterproof, and plywood must be suitable for outdoor use.


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