Mistakes to Avoid in a Children's Room

Mistakes to Avoid in a Children's Room

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Many parents who by dint of wanting to do everything well, end up disappointing their children in terms of decoration. And what all parents try to avoid is of course the disappointment of their offspring, but especially the cries and tears. For that, do not panic, the writing of decoration looked at the question.

Mistake # 1: Don't Let Them Choose

you have to trust your little one ... within a certain limit. If the youngest asks for a giant dinosaur in the middle of his room, of course the realization of his wish will be complicated. But more and more child psychiatrists explain that one should not pretend that the child does not exist when a decision is made about it. Take the time to explain to him what the needs are for a room: no, he cannot exchange his bed for a tent, that your budget has limits: you will allow him to begin to grasp the concepts of merit, needs and money… You will therefore choose together the elements to integrate into the decor of your room and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

Mistake to Avoid # 2: Don't Limit a Theme

Each child has different tastes, but be careful with these since they are able to change very quickly. We then avoid investing all or part of his savings in a jungle atmosphere, knowing full well that in 6 months, a year or two, the child will have changed taste and will ask you to do it all again. The solution ? Keep neutral elements (white paint on the walls, light wooden furniture ...) and satisfy your tastes with decor (jungle print carpet, curtains in green tones, animal lamp ...). You can change the mood of the room regularly without having to redo everything each time. We go from the jungle to a more urban style for only a few euros.

Mistake to avoid number 3: Skip the right furniture

When buying furniture for the child's bedroom, one must think of the specific needs they have, which differ from ours. The concepts of storage and cleanliness are not the same as those of adults. We then choose furniture that offers large storage spaces (drawer under the bed, toy chest, etc.). if you want to avoid buying furniture every two years, think of evolving furniture: desk or bed whose proportions change according to age, convertible bookcase…

Mistake to avoid number 4: Do not play with decoration

In recent years, brands have made a lot of effort to decorate the bedroom of the little ones. From zero to 12 years old, children also have the right to a decor worthy of the name. As parents, you should not hesitate to play the game: cushion carpet, curtains, mirrors, paintings… You can also have fun with the lighting in the room or create an original color code. Remember: decoration is for everyone!


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