How to fill a hole in a wall?

How to fill a hole in a wall?

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The material necessary to fill a hole in a wall

If you want plug a hole in a wall, for example a hole left by screws to fix a table or shelves, and you want the job to be well done and clean, you will need a minimum of material, and equip yourself:

  • A cutter;
  • An electric screwdriver (in screwdriver-unscrewer mode);
  • With a pliers chisel;
  • A universal plaster and smoothing coating (for interior use). This kind of plaster is now in ready-to-use preparation: this solution is ideal for this kind of small work!
  • With a spatula.

Fixing a hole in a wall does not require great DIY skills, but to keep your site going according to the rules of the art, make sure you have all the necessary equipment on hand before you start!

Fill a hole in a wall step by step

Here's how to step-by-step to fill a hole in a wall:

  1. Start by scraping the inside of the screw head to clear the paint. This will make it easier for you to use the screwdriver (used in unscrewer mode of course) to unscrew it and take it out of the wall!
  2. When the screw is almost unscrewed, grasp the all-chisel, then pull the screw to remove the screw and the dowel from the wall. Do not force too much: the goal is not to create an even bigger hole in your wall, or to damage the screw or the dowel…
  3. When the screw and the dowel have been removed from the wall, scrape the hole at an angle with the cutter, so as to remove any residues.
  4. Then, with a spatula, take a little filling filling in the pot. Then apply the spatula flat against the wall so that the plaster penetrates well into the hole. With the other side of the spatula, smooth. If necessary, apply a second coat of a thinner coating. If you have applied too much plaster, rub with light sandpaper.

And this is how quickly, simply and cleanly fill a hole in a wall!

The trick to plug a hole in a wall without plaster or specific material

You have checked out of your apartment in 30 minutes and you have completely forgotten to fill the holes left in the walls by your frames and other wall decorations? Don't panic for your deposit!

Even if you do not have a filling coating on hand (and no time to embark on a site with a screwdriver and company), there is a small simple but frighteningly effective trick to fill in 2 steps 3 movements a hole in an effortless wall: simply replace the coating with… toothpaste (a white toothpaste obviously, otherwise it will work less well!).

To fill a hole left by a screw or a nail in a wall, apply a small layer of toothpaste in the hole, simply smooth with your finger, let it dry ... and that's it!