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(on the porch

. Concrete printed with the gray wood pattern CEMEX to a network of companies of qualified applicators, EXPERENSOL, for the installation of decorative concretes. On this issue we delivered for the terrace a concrete imprinted Nuantis imprint, with the wooden parquet pattern in gray color. CEMEX Concrete Contact: Dominique Sestillange Contact details: 5 avenue du parc floral 45072 Orléans Website: www.cemexbetons.fr Experensol applicator using printed concrete on the terrace The Experensol applicator: Sologne Concrete Design Contact details: 15 a rue du grand Vauvert 41200 romorantin Website: www.solognebetondesign.fr


. Joinery: Aluminum veranda Wallis & ® Clarity, elegance and refinement, each veranda project is unique, it shelters our dreams, our moments of life cradled in conviviality, relaxation and comfort. The Wallis & ® aluminum veranda will meet all your needs, such as increasing the surface area of ​​your house by creating a new living space. Wallis & ® is designed for the realization of all types of roofs (flat, Victorian, classic or artist's studio look), including incorporating solar panels (Wallis & Energy®). With a simple or complex architecture, the Wallis & ® aluminum veranda allows excellent insulation, all the more if it is combined with aluminum windows or sliding doors System profiles, compliant with RT 2012 and meeting the High Energy Performance (HPE), very High Energy Performance (THPE) and Positive Energy Building (BEPOS) labels. SYSTEM PROFILES, aluminum gamma designer. www.profils-systemes.com Realization of a veranda, a living room allowing to arrange the living room , designed in aluminum profiles with thermal break, antique gray granite color. Roof in white insulating panels / acoustic walnut and double glazed spans 1 laminated side 1 low emissivity side for thermal, acoustic and security comfort providing natural light. Equipped with LED spots incorporated in aluminum rafters to extend your evenings with economical and ecological lighting. To serve and communicate between the different rooms of the house we have made a passageway of 16 meters in length designed in aluminum profiles with thermal break, antique gray granite color. Roof in white insulating panels / acoustic walnut and double glazed spans 1 laminated side 1 low emissivity side for thermal, acoustic and security comfort providing natural light. METALLERIE GENERALE GATARD designer manufacturer veranda aluminum joinery, aluminum and steel gate. www.metallerie-gatard.fr PARTNERS: www.akraplast.fr www.veranda-light.fr glassolutions Orleans


. Lawn ready to unroll LAWN SPACE producer of turf www.espacegazon.fr Plants :
• Half oak barrel
• Caryopteris (big blue)
• Abelia kaleidoscope
• Muscanthus
• Hedera
• Euonymus varies
• Campanual get me blue
• Photina
• Lavandula
• Calluna
• Pennisetum setaceum rubrum
• Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens
• Cornus alba argenteomarginata
• Perennial Coreopsis
• Calluna collection
• Veronique panachee
• Varied flowering perennials BOTANIC "Created in 1995 by three families of Haut-Savoyards horticulturalists, botanic® is the only specialist in the garden market to offer in its stores only non-polluting products usable in organic farming or in favor of ecological gardening. Among the 60 stores in France and 5 in Italy, 25 stores offer an organic market space including an organic food department, an offer of organic and natural food supplements and cosmetics, and ecological cleaning products. Thanks to the Suresnes botanic® store - 26 Quai Gallieni - 92 Suresnes Botanic® customer service: 0811 90 74 74 (price of a local call from a landline) Website: www.botanic.com The online store: //boutique.botanic.com/ "


. "After cleaning the support with a cleaning medium pressure of the roof and we are assured of its condition, we proceed to its waterproofing . Technitoit® "The self-cleaning house" has developed a colored water repellent which extends the life of the substrates - Technitoitcolor® - consisting of resins, pigments and various specific additives in the aqueous phase. A good water repellent prevents the porosity phenomenon from increasing and delays the development of vegetation while letting the support breathe. Why change when you can renovate? Thanks to the pearling effect of the water repellent, water pearls and slides on the surface of the roof, carrying with it deposits of pollution and other germs: it becomes Self-cleaning . " TECHNITOIT® "The self-cleaning house" More info on www.technitoit.com Quote and free study by phone: 02 41 72 00 05 (Price of a local call). R-VOLT, unique aerovoltaic system in the world Solar is an inexhaustible and free source of energy. However, the best photovoltaic panels on the market do not display optimum yields. If they transform light into electricity, they get no benefit from the heat they generate, much more energy that is immediately available. R-VOLT has the advantage of enhancing the two sides of its solar panels. On the one hand, photovoltaic electricity is produced; on the other, an innovative duct collects the hot air usually lost and blows it into the home according to the set temperature. On summer nights, the air is cooled to produce nighttime cooling . This collected heat represents 60% of the solar energy received by the panel, while only 20% at best is usually converted into electricity. R-VOLT allows (for a 100m2 house - family of 4): Up to 80% savings on your electricity bill + 10% bonus on the purchase price of your electricity Up to 51% savings in heating A indoor air cleaned up to 95% Night cooling of 4 ° C compared to outside air Solution manufactured by SYSTOVI - Manufacturer of solar systems for improving the energy performance of the home 5 rue du Chêne Lassé - CP 1008 44806 SAINT HERBLAIN Cedex - France Tel: 02 40 92 33 24 //www.systovi.com Find a SYSTOVI installer near you: //www.systovi.com/trouver-un-installateur -systovi-pres-of-home vous.html The manufacture of aluminum gutters on site ... and tailor-made! " A major innovation compared to traditional gutters, the DAL'ALU concept is economical, practical and quick thanks to a manufacturing process carried out directly on the installation site. The continuous aluminum gutter has an incomparable advantage: it is manufactured to the desired length, continuously, from a mobile roll forming machine, installed in a workshop van. If the facade of the house is 15 m, the gutter will be 15 m in one length, without any connection, joint or weld. The gutter is thus perfectly sealed, no risk of leakage. DAL'ALU rainwater drainage systems are designed in prepainted aluminum, for a durable and aesthetic result. Aluminum, unanimously recognized for its natural qualities of inalterability and lightness, is today widely used in the Building industry: joinery, facades ... In addition, the ranges of gutters DAL'ALU are available in a palette of 24 colors, to meet the regional specificities and tastes of each owner. DAL'ALU is also the widest range on the market: 10 different shapes of gutters, 5 pipe sizes, many practical and aesthetic accessories, for a perfect harmony with local architecture and the wishes of architects and contracting authorities. The gutter model on the show. Evolution gutter The new generation of aesthetic gutters. With its clean and graphic design, the new EVOLUTION gutter from DAL'ALU is made for contemporary constructions. Fluid lines, precision of details ... EVOLUTION is the alliance of an innovative aesthetic with the technology of continuous manufacturing, directly on site, of aluminum DAL'ALU gutters. Efficient, EVOLUTION offers 25% additional water collection capacity compared to a standard gutter, and allows large roof overhangs. Versatile, it can be integrated into the architecture of tertiary and industrial buildings as well as that of the most current individual houses. In prepainted aluminum, available in 17 colors, EVOLUTION is the solution for the most demanding architects and specifiers! DAL'ALU Supply and installation of DAL'ALU aluminum gutters, made on site without connection or welding. 5 rue Balambits - 33640 Beautiran Tel. 05 56 67 40 40 - www.dalalu.fr The gutters were installed by: NSM ALU Village des Artisans 27110 CROSVILLE LA VIEILLE [email protected] www.dalalu.fr/nsm-alu


. Stackable coffee table COSTA range "Paprika" color Ref: 7960 Aluminum structure. Tables: aluminum top. Low stacking armchair COSTA range "Licorice" color Ref: 7904 Seats: seat and back in tearproof Outdoor Technical Canvas (PVC coated polyester), plain or mottled. Very High Protection treatment for outdoor use. Anti-UV powder paint. 3 year warranty FERMOB Fermob is much more than a manufacturer of garden furniture. The brand embodies a great art of living! A colorful world, populated by products with perfect lines, functional and comfortable with "real" people who adore them… www.fermob.com N ° readers: 0826 62 53 13 JADE sun lounger in solid acacia New and trendy, the aged gray tint finish! Easy to live with, solid acacia wood is an ecological material, very robust and undemanding. 3 SWISS www.3suisses.fr Off-white garden swing OLERON MILIBOO www.miliboo.com


. "Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. On this program, a set of made-to-measure, around a LANGEAIS aluminum entrance door . A traditional semi-glazed door brought up to date, in a current style, with a material of today. The composite set is a solution to aesthetically integrate your door; as in a case. On this site the front door is framed by 2 fixed glazed parts, called: fixed while sleeping. The composition is presented in two-color gray RAL 7016 on the outside and white RAL 9016 on the inside, an elegant way to integrate the front door into the architecture of the house as well as the interior decoration. The glazed parts allow the interior to light up while preserving the privacy of its occupants thanks to its sanded finish. And they ensure a level of security by its qualities of burglar-retardant (class 2). This door brings personality to the house and enhances the heritage property of the owners. Find all of our products on www.belm.fr The site was laid by our client AVANTAGE WINDOWS //www.avantage-fenetres.fr/ - 28500 Vernouillet - Tel. : 02 52 88 05 78 - Mail: [email protected] Gx lock a revolutionary new window that opens and closes with a finger! An open-close system inspired by the automotive world. To open Gx Lock, simply pull the handle with a simple gesture. To close it you have the choice: you can push it or click it. With its sleek wave-shaped design and its integration into the central battue, it brings a contemporary touch to your interior. Equipped on an Alta duo anthracite gray exterior window, you benefit from a modern and trendy style while benefiting from the advantages of PVC. //www.grosfillexgxlock.fr/ Grosfillex WINDOWS //www.grosfillex-fenetres.com The New Generation of VELUX Roof Windows With its exceptional insulation capabilities (VELUX ThermoTechnologyTM) and its optimal light transmission, the New Generation of VELUX windows is a benchmark in terms of energy saving and comfort under the roof. Multiplying innovations, combining contemporary design and ease of use, it offers rooms that are always well tempered, bright, with a healthy atmosphere for an impression of space and unprecedented serenity. New generation GGU rotating roof window / Comfortable glazing This window offers the latest advances in technology thanks to its All Comfort glazing, which meets the highest requirements in terms of thermal insulation in summer / winter and is equipped with the ABP system (anti-rain noise) which divides the noise of impact of the rain by 2 for more silence in the room in rainy weather. Its standard laminated glazing guarantees a level of security comparable to that of a car windshield and the "Clear & Net" system from which it benefits reduces the frequency of cleaning. White finish (wood + polyurethane) Dimensions: - 78 x 98 cm (dimensional code MK04) - 78 x 118 cm (dimensional code MK06) EDJ New Generation concealed fitting The sealing connection makes the link between the roof window and the roof. It guarantees total tightness and must be installed at the same time as the window. A recessed fitting allows to favor a harmonious integration on the roof and to reinforce the insulation capacities of the window. New Generation fittings offer a recess from 20 ° slope, for tiles and slates. Single window fitting for recessed installation on tiles up to 90 mm in relief (EDJ) DKL blackout interior blind VELUX blackout blinds guarantee optimal darkness day and night, thanks to their 100% polyester canvas, reinforced on the back with an aluminum film which repels UV rays. No risk of seeing the colors fade over time since these blinds benefit from an exclusive anti-discoloration system of the canvas. Provided with a maneuver bar and profiles with refined bevelled corners, they integrate discreetly into the window and harmonize with all interiors thanks to a choice from a range of more than 40 colors. And thanks to the exclusive Pick & Click! ® system, these interior blinds can be installed in a few minutes! Beige (1085) and black (3009) VELUX The VELUX group aims to improve the living environment through the entry of natural light and fresh air through the roof. Its product range includes a wide variety of roof windows, solutions for flat roofs, natural light ducts. VELUX also offers numerous equipment, roller shutters, interior and exterior blinds, motorized controls to freely modulate the light. Close to the environment, VELUX is investing in the energy field with solar thermal collectors. The VELUX brand is one of the biggest brands in the building industry and its products are sold almost everywhere in the world. site: www.velux.fr Products installed by the company PROST RENOV Creation of a wooden trimmer to receive the roof window Installation of the roof window with covering and cutting of VELUX brand tiles PROST RENOV performs all interior renovation works (plumbing, electricity, painting, floor and wall coverings, stretch ceilings, door and window replacement, decoration) as well as exterior embellishment works (facade restoration, exterior insulation, terrace) and the attic arrangements. PROST-RENOV company 8 rue des treaies 28210 ORMOY Tel: 02 37 38 26 75 Mobile phone: 06 61 62 00 26 PROST-RENOV 79 rue de la parish 78000 VERSAILLES Tel: 01 76 43 04 07 Mobile phone: 06 61 62 00 26 Mail: [email protected] Website: //www.prost-renov.fr/


. Outside: Ref 405560 : Recessed Garden Spot (ground) / 1 GU10 35W lamp / Pre-wired and interconnectable (up to 1000W) / IP67: Ref 405335: Recessed Garden Spot (ground) 70W / RX7S / HID / 4000K (supplied amp) Integrated ballast / Pre-wired and interconnectable (up to 1000W) / IP65: Connection used: Ref 405487 : male + female IP67 interconnection cable + 3M cable: Ref 405486 : Power cable IP44 socket + IP67 / 5M female connector: Ref 405589: T / 1 connector Male connector + 2 Female connectors / IP67: Products EASYLIGHT RANGE INTERCONNECTABLE BETWEEN THEM www.easylightconcept.com

(h) DECO

. Candles and candle jars PARTYLITE www.partylite.fr Home Sweet Home Natural Doormat BEHIND THE DOOR www.dlp-paris.com