Video: treat a kumquat after colonization of insects

Video: treat a kumquat after colonization of insects

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Thanks to the advice of experts from the Plant Clinic, understand the diseases of your flowers and learn how to treat them. Today, it is a kumquat which is submitted to Jean-Louis Leca, following an infestation of small red insects. Follow his analysis and recommendations on video!

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Auscultation and diagnosis

The kumquat is a plant of the citrus family, in the same way as the lemon tree, the orange tree and the mandarin tree for example. Particularly liking the sun, it grows especially on the Mediterranean rim. Unfortunately, this kumquat is infested with small red insects that have proliferated over time. These are not aphids as the gardener suggests, but many mites, also called red spiders. The latter particularly like heat and humidity because they are important factors of development. By feeding on the sap of the plant, they cause the leaves to turn brown, which eventually dies.

Some recommendations

If the kumquat is small, it is possible to clean the foliage with a damp cloth and a little product. In this case, care must be taken to go above and below each sheet. However, if the plant is large enough, it is advisable to use an insecticide. This treatment will be easier and faster to apply, it will especially stop the proliferation of red spiders. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!