Video: create a cushion cover

Video: create a cushion cover

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No more bland and unoriginal cushion covers! Diane, from Adeuxmains, invites you to make your own creation using a little textile paint and dexterity. Your cushions will make you jealous.

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Create a cushion cover: prepare the support

In order to create a beautiful cushion cover, you must first prepare the support. Here Diane has chosen the Union Jack as her motive, but you can reproduce anything you want. Use square covers (40 x 40 cm), which are easier to find on the market. Print your pattern, then draw it in pencil on the cover. Indicate also the color to put in each place, so as not to be mistaken.

Create a cushion cover: painting on news: 739845 fabric

Once your support is ready, it only remains to paint it. Start at the edges to get a cleaner route. For this, use textile paint, as well as a fine brush. Once this step is completed, you can fill the interior. Do it color by color, it will make the job easier. To fix your textile paint, then place parchment paper on the cushion cover, and iron with a steam-free iron at "linen" temperature. Your cushion cover is ready, you just have to garnish it for a very aesthetic result. Watch the video Create a cushion cover on Produced by Minute Facile.