Video: create a dragee box

Video: create a dragee box

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A baptism or a wedding is on the horizon, and you want an original decoration? Patricia Cozic, cardboard specialist, teaches you how to create a unique dragee box that will seduce all your guests.

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Create a dragee box: step by step

To create a dragee box, you must first cut a cardboard 0.7 mm thick to have a rectangle of 13 x 7 cm, then two others of 7.5 x 5.5 cm. On the first, draw a line 5 cm from the edge, another 3 cm, then another 5 cm. Draw a line at mid-height and pre-fold it in 3. Your sugared almond box just has to be dressed.

Create a dragee box: a perfect dressing

For the dressing, you will need a fancy paper corresponding to your desires. With white vinyl glue, proceed to the internal covering by placing the paper on the inside of the cardboard. Paste and remember to fold the 4 sides upside down. For the external covering, take a 26 x 5 cm fancy paper. On the reverse, draw a line 5 cm from the edge, then 4.5 cm, 7 cm, and finally 4.5 cm. Fold the paper to the line of 5 cm, and glue. Glue on the bottom of the cardboard, in the center, then on the sides. Remember to clear the angles at 45 °. Do not forget to slip a ribbon on each side of the box before sticking the boxes. All you have to do is wait for the baby to arrive! Watch the video Create a dragee box on Produced by Minute Facile.


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