Sewing: learn the tailoring stitch

Sewing: learn the tailoring stitch

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The tailoring stitch stitch is very useful for temporarily marking the location of folds, lapels, pockets or other parts to be assembled on a news item: 739845 fabric. It is generally carried out through the news: 739839 pattern to ensure the correct location of each piece. Several techniques exist to make a tailor stitch. Below, find out how to make a "quick" tailoring stitch. 1. First, superimpose the two layers of actu: 739845 fabric as well as the actu: 739839 pattern. Thread the thread twice on the needle, then make a small actu: 737259 front stitch through the actu: 739839 pattern and the two layers of actu: 739845 fabric.
2. Carry out a second news item: 737259 front point near the first one.
3. Pull the needle while leaving enough clearance on the thread between the two points, so as to obtain a small loop.
4. Carry out the following front stitches on the entire route, remembering to leave enough play on the wire between each point.
5. Remove the actu: 739839 pattern and then spread the two fabrics.
6. You can then cut the threads. Their respective locations will then allow you to superimpose the parts to be assembled with precision.


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