50 euros for a romantic object

50 euros for a romantic object

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Do you want a romantic atmosphere without falling into girly clichés? With a few accessories, you can offer yourself a style that is both chic and feminine that will focus on the details. We have selected three objects that you can offer yourself for around fifty euros and which are sure to infuse a romantic atmosphere into your decor.

A decorative mirror

Which accessory best represents femininity than a pretty mirror? Synonymous with beauty and elegance, it will easily find its place on a piece of furniture in a bedroom to serve as a dressing table or in the living room to decorate the walls with a feminine touch. There are all sizes and shapes but prefer a model with curved lines that plays the precious card with a worked frame. For around fifty euros, you can buy a medium size which will be perfect for keeping a certain subtlety in your decor.

An elegant vase

In a romantic setting, flowers are a key element. But to welcome them, you will of course need a vase which will also be a decorative accessory when you are not installing flowers. We choose a beautiful size model with curves that will evoke femininity. Stay sober, however, with classic colors like white or black to play the card of elegance.

Light curtains

To give a light and vaporous atmosphere to your interior, it is on light curtains that you must bet. You will opt for models that will allow you to play on transparency and which could also be used to decorate a canopy. Use white or pastel colors to keep an impression of lightness. Our practical romantic decoration videos