Riviera & bar, when culinary art comes to the table

Riviera & bar, when culinary art comes to the table

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For over 35 years, Riviera & Bar has never stopped designing perfect practical and even essential culinary art objects, intended for the use of all cooks, whether they are beginners, experienced or even professional. Riviera & Bar is the high-end French brand specializing in culinary art in the field of meal preparation, cooking, tea or espresso machines. The primary objective of Riviera & Bar is to put its know-how at your service in order to bring beauty and creativity to your kitchen.

Riviera & Bar: an Alsatian company

Created in 1967 by the company ARB located in Mundolsheim in Alsace, Riviera & Bar is a French brand whose primary objective is to offer creative, solid and innovative products to an increasingly demanding clientele. The invention of the electromagnetic pump espresso machine in 1969, for example, enabled Riviera & Bar to attract all the espresso fanatics who made it their benchmark in this field. In July 2005, Riviera & Bar joined the COGIA group alongside many other French craftsmen specializing in small household appliances. Their alliance has enabled the creation of a dynamic platform bringing together brands that are both strong in their respective fields and completely autonomous in their mode of operation.

Design culinary objects

Since its creation, Riviera & Bar has pursued only one goal: to create the perfect object. The French brand has thus specialized in objects useful for culinary preparation, making it a point of honor to offer varied, functional, efficient and robust products without neglecting design and ergonomics. By designing stainless steel objects, Riviera & Bar has bet on a timeless design to suit everyone's interiors and personalities. As a result, Riviera & Bar has designed each of its accessories and kitchen objects as works of culinary art in order to please all those who appreciate art and beauty. Easy to handle, these objects will enhance and enhance the flavors of your preparations, as simple as they are. Cooking then becomes increasingly easy and inventive thanks to Riviera & Bar and its creative and innovative ideas. Regarding the prices, no worries! Riviera & Bar offers quality items for very reasonable prices. But you can find out for yourself by visiting its website www.riviera-et-bar.fr or in one of its many points of sale. So go ahead: enter the Riviera & Bar universe and let yourself be tempted by a range of unusual products…