Lékué, a trendy brand serving your cuisine

Lékué, a trendy brand serving your cuisine

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Making cooking accessible to everyone in a practical, functional and entertaining way is Lékué's credo. With its innovative products with an original design, Lékué wanted to transform your kitchen into a place rich in emotions and sensations where young and old can discover or rediscover textures and flavors by cooking together, at home.

Lékué, a Spanish brand that stands out

Lékué is a brand of kitchenware of Spanish origin whose primary objective is to offer all its customers moments of culinary pleasure thanks to its ingenious objects. Created in the 1970s, the Spanish brand experienced its first success with the marketing of the first rubber brooms and ice cube trays. With this first experience, Lékué continued its glorious advance by marketing the first platinum silicone molds. Thanks to quality, innovative products, with a surprising design and yet very easy to use, the Spanish brand has gained more and more followers in recent years. Since its creation, Lékué has not changed its guidelines. Its objective is more than ever to bring innovative products to its customers, where quality rhymes with design. Lékué is also the holder of several international awards which have recognized the quality of its innovative kitchen utensils such as the Good Design Award obtained in 2007 and in 2010, the Premio Innovacion de la Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona or the Trends prize obtained in 2009.

Original kitchen utensils for a different kitchen

For Lékué, cooking must be fun and fulfilling. This is the reason why she has designed kitchen utensils with an innovative design that allow you to cook differently and more simply. With Lékué, steamer, steamer box or steamer are at your service to cook in the healthiest way possible. The Spanish brand is also at the origin of an original concept, Time For Baking, allowing the whole family to go to the stove to share special moments, make tasty dishes or gourmet desserts. Born in Spain, Lékué has managed to conquer more than 40 countries worldwide (Germany, United States, Hungary, Italy, Japan…). It is also present at various international fairs such as the Intergift Salon in Madrid, the Ambiente Salon in Frankfurt, or the Maison et Objet Salon in Paris. Take a look at its website lekue.fr or at the many points of sale to discover the whole range of products offered by Lékué. Fall for these original and colorful kitchen utensils and say goodbye to the monotony in your kitchen!