Video: arranging the storage space of a small studio

Video: arranging the storage space of a small studio

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The move into your studio has just been done and you are afraid of running out of space? Tired of dragging your stuff on the floor because of the lack of space? Geneviève Méchali, consultant in decoration and layout of the apartment, gives you her secrets for fitting out a small studio efficiently and optimally.

Watch the video :Fitting out the kitchen A kitchen space containing all the necessary utensils is possible in a studio! In a space of 2 meters wide, you can easily integrate a refrigerator and a built-in oven, a hob, a retractable hood, a mini dishwasher, a worktop as well as storage spaces. Take advantage of the ideas of kitchen designers, who now offer smart solutions for small spaces.Integrate storage Many storage can be integrated into a small space. For example, you can insert shelves and cupboards over the entire surface of a wall, only 40 cm thick. The installation of a Murphy bed is also possible. To gain even more space and clarity, always install the cabinets over the entire height of the wall and use a single color for the entire surface. To store your pillows or sheets, choose a bed with storage in the box spring: space saving guaranteed!Fitting out the bathroom Integrate the water heater and the washer-dryer in a corner, which you will camouflage by a cupboard door. Consider using the space available above the toilet to install an additional storage closet. Following the advice of Geneviève Méchali, your studio will always be in order. Watch the video Converting the storage space of a small studio on Produced byMinute Facile.


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