Video: how to make a pair of seamless mittens?

Video: how to make a pair of seamless mittens?

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Do you want to make a pair of seamless mittens? Do you want to learn a new way of knitting? Cécile Derouin, creator of the brand "Au Zizile bazar", explains how to make a "magic loop".

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Mount the stitches of your knitting

To make a magic loop, bring a pair of circular needles and wool. Circular needles are made up of two rigid needles and a flexible cable that connects them. Mount the stitches of your knitting on one of the needles. For this, choose actu: 739827 the wool that suits you, and mount 38 stitches for a standard size. When all the stitches are fitted, slide them along the flexible cable to the other needle. Position half of the stitches on the rigid needle and the other half on the flexible cable. Take out a cable loop in the middle of the row of stitches: this is called the magic loop, a technique that will knit in the round, without sewing.

Knit the magic loop

Once your stitches are set up, knit them using the remaining wool thread. Make the stitches of your choice, taking care that the stitches not yet knitted are always in the same direction so as not to distort the knitting. Tighten your work regularly to block it. This method allows you to make a collar or mittens without using sewing. Follow the advice of Cécile Derouin to easily obtain a pair of attractive and warm mitts. Watch the video How to make a magic loops? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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